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Born in California on November 01, 1989.

She was a very happy baby, love to eat, like to cuddle

wanted to play all the time. she like here swing alot. she loved riding her bike when she was old enough.s he like going to school and had lots of friends. she like hanging out, going to the movies, talking on her cell phone,she loved going to the Mall getting new clothes and going vacations with me and loved going to San Diego , sea world, she loved animals, horses, dogs,

she wanted to get her perment so she could drive and she always wanted to have a Ford Mustang . =)  she talked about that all the time, we were getting ready so she could get her perment right before her car accident.

we were also getting ready for the 9th grade, we went school shopping,

she was only in High School for 3 days.  Then that Horrible night happened a night I will never forget, when they called and said come to the hospital..  I didnt even take a show or brush my teeth, I just ran to the hopsital as fas as i could...... Boo, hoo,  I was very shocked. when they told me what went on.

I was in shock for a very long time !! it's been 4 years and the pain never goes away. she is always in my hearts,

she was the love of my life, my best friend and now she is gone



Brianna -  Passed away on August 28, 2004 at the age of 14.

in a Horrable Car Accident, that just shocked everyone !

I couldnt believe it at all when it happend , they call me to come down to the hospital. she was at her dad's house for  a weekend visitation and I never new what happened,   tell maybe the next day.  we were in the newspapers and on T V.. they wanted to interview me but I was to depressed and shocked couldnt believe what had happened, no one would tell me the truth about how it happened.. we had a police investigation and spent 3 years in criminal courts and finily

put the driver of the car in Prison,  yes,  In Prison, he sure

deserved to go and needed to do more time !!!

Brianna should have never lost her life because of one a hole

Guy showing off.. drinking, speedracing ,calling out he speeds of 90, 100, to 120 mph.. 4 other people in the car got severly hurt too 

I hope I can help others by our story. so this doesnt happened to them......  God Bless, Thanks for reading our web site,


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