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Happy Birthday  / MOM &. Nichole   Read >>
Happy Birthday  / MOM &. Nichole

Happy Birthday

We really miss you alot and wish you here for your Birthday

and to open lots of presents and have cake..

we left flowers at both sites and lite candles....

Nichole really miss you a lot and I do too.

Happy Birthday .

Lots of huggs and kisses

your Mom and Sister.

Happy almost Birthday  / MOM   Read >>
Happy almost Birthday  / MOM

Your Birthday is almost here and we have been thinkin of you.

how much we miss seeing you and spending time with you

We really wish you were here to have a great time on your

Big Birthday..... Cant believe that your not here......

if only this didnt happen...  our lives would be different..

Your sister and I will be putting flowers and things for you

at your site...

Big huggs and kisses....  we miss you soooooo much. it still hurts

Happy Birthday.

Your Mom and sister...

PS.. some of your friends will be there too  !!

Missing you always  / MOM   Read >>
Missing you always  / MOM


We miss you so much wish we could see you hugg you.

Laught with you and talk to you..  its been very hard on us the

past few years  not being about to talk to you hold you and most

of all not being able to see you Grow up....... =(...  

we went to your Grave  today and saw some of your friends

and we put some flowers  there and said some prayers.....

Nichole misses you a lot too.. we all do..

Wish this never happened to you....

Your a very special and sweet Girl & Im always thinking of you

every day...  Miss you love you

Your MOM


miss you brianna  / MASSIMO BRUDAGLIO (FREIND)  Read >>
miss you brianna  / MASSIMO BRUDAGLIO (FREIND)

brianna i miss u even though its seems like everything just was a dream and that you are still here with us now i know what the meanning is well brianna i miss u and so does everyone else i just cant ever forget about you youll always be loved no matter what brianna cause of you my life changed and now im sitting on my desk thinking why why did this have to happen to her well maybe ther was a reasdon that the lord needed you but i know one thin brianna youll always be my angel and ill always remember your smile and face always

massimo brudaglio

miss u alot brianna

Little Valentine.  / MOM   Read >>
Little Valentine.  / MOM

Where is my little Angel Valentine we miss you soooo much

and wish you were here  I remember buying Valentines candy and

 presents for you and hiding them in your room so you would wake

 up feeling loved and have lots of gifts on Valentines day.


Big Huggs and Kisses to our little Valentines I think about you all

the time and I feel you in my Heart at this time and I know your

around. I keep having go dreams about  All the fun things

we used to do.

Love you miss you lots of Kisses



Happy New Year  / MOM   Read >>
Happy New Year  / MOM

Happy New Year Brianna.

WE really miss you alot the Holidays are really hard to get

through because your not here.  we think about you and wonder

how tall you would be and what you would look like now and

what kind of boy friend you would have and wonder what kind of

car you would have and what you would have taken in College

most of all  I miss hearing you talk and your laughter around the

house and seeing you Big Blue eyes.......

Happy New Year my sweet Angel in Heaven.. 

Keep watching over us and your sister too..

Miss you. love you  lots of Huggs and Kisses.

Your Mom


We Miss you at Christmas  / Mom   Read >>
We Miss you at Christmas  / Mom

Christmas is going to be here soon and it just makes my heart break that your not hear. Wish we could have christmas dinner together and I could buy you a Christmas gift and watch you unwrap it. I think about you all the time and how we used to decorate the tree and put up the lights.

Christmas was a lot of fun with you.  we miss you soooooo much.

My little Angel in Heaven wish we could see you and talk to you and have fun again.  I know your watching us from Heaven and keeping us safe

We love you and miss you

Huggs and Kisses

Mom and Sister

Happy Thanksgiving  / MOM   Read >>
Happy Thanksgiving  / MOM

we really miss our Brianna today.

wish you were here to help us cook and spend time with us. 

wish we could see you and here your laughter again.

Love you miss you

our little angel in Heaven

Here's a big hugg for you in Heaven

Love your Mom and Sister


Holiday's / Mom   Read >>
Holiday's / Mom

The Holiday's are here again and your not

we really miss you at this time of the year.

everyone misses you...

I remember you used to help me get ready and

 cook for Thanksgiving and set the table.

                       it's all the little things that count 

I know your in Heaven watching over us our little angel

we love you and miss you - wish you were here

to be with your family and your sister really misses you too



Birthday's are always hard  / Mom   Read >>
Birthday's are always hard  / Mom

Brianna would have been 20 This coming sunday.. Nov 1st

Having her gone on her  Birthday is always the hardest

she has missed out on her whole little life so far and we

miss seeing her talking to her and being with her we think

about her all the time.

 we cant celebrate her birthday with her  and that makes

us all cry.....

we have to go to the cemetary and put flowers on her

grave site.... still cant believe we have to do this it just

breaks our hearts every year......

We love and Miss you very much !!!

lots of huggs and kiss sent up to heaven for your Birthday

Happy Birthday

Love Mom and family 

Long summer !!  / Mom   Read >>
Long summer !!  / Mom

it's been a long summer with out brianna we used to have

really good summers and summer vacations were always a blast

we would go all over the place to the beach the mall movies

dinners shopping for school clothes  going to Sea World

The pool palm springs laughting all the time Star bucks

woow  Can't believe it's been this long and she is not here

all because of one guy who wanted to speed race drink and

drive  and show off.

My poor Brianna --  You will never know how much I miss her !!!

Her loving Mom .... ooo xxxx  Huggs and kisses forever

Happy 4th  / Mom   Read >>
Happy 4th  / Mom

Hi Brianna

Happy 4th, hope your have a  great view in Heaven

watching all the Fireworks......

Miss you, wish you were here... Big Huggs and kisses

Say Hi to Grams for me.

Happy 4th Sweetie.....

love MOM

Kiss / MOM   Read >>
Kiss / MOM



If I had 2 wishes it would be to spend more time with you !!!

and for you to live the life you were

suppost to live !!!

Wish you were here..

I love you, Mom

Mothers Day  / MOM   Read >>
Mothers Day  / MOM

Mothers Day will be here soon

Wish you were here to be with  me and your family.

Miss you lots of love and kisses,

Your Mom Forever.....

Easter Break.......  / MOM   Read >>
Easter Break.......  / MOM

it's almost Easter and we wish you could be with us.

to go to church and Easter Brunch and see your friends

and family and talk to everyone.....

I know you up in Heaven watching over all of us and your

in our Hearts...

We Miss you soo much

Love your Mom

Valentines Day  / MOM (MOM)  Read >>
Valentines Day  / MOM (MOM)

Happy Valentines Day ..  Sweetie,

We really miss you a lot and wish you were here. so we could

huggs and  kiss on you and give you lot of love and

take you to dinner and spend lots of time with you...

Our Hearts still acke for you and miss you and we really

want to see you and here you laughter again and just to see

you again would make us really happy....

I look at your pictures all the time. There right in the entry

way where everyone can see you and there is a Bigger

Picture ,, where everyone can say HI and kiss you.........

We think of you very day and you are always close to your hearts

And were really sorry that this whole thing happened to you.....

it should have never Happened to such a sweet Girl like you.


Love your Mom

ooxx, ooxxx




New Year  / MOM   Read >>
New Year  / MOM

Thinking of you for the New Year.

I wish you were here so we could do things together

Go to the Movies, the Beach,  have lunch and dinner

together..... I really miss all the good time we had and

everything we did together..... 

I know you would have had a boy friend by now and being

going to college and driving your  own car..... =)

You would have been a very Pretty lady by now ..


Love and Kisses.... Big Huggs

your Mom

Merry Christmas  / MOM   Read >>
Merry Christmas  / MOM

Merry Christmas Brianna

I only wish you could be here for christmas to put up the

tree and eat with us and open all of our presents with us

we sure do miss you alot,,,,

I know you an Angel in Heaven and your helping God out now

wish you were here.  lots of love, huggs and kisses

your mom and sister,

Thanksgiving / MOM   Read >>
Thanksgiving / MOM

Hi Sweetie,

Wish you were here for our Thanksgiving, so we could

fix a really Big Dinner and have a Holiday meal with whole 

family, and play games together..

Your sister and I miss you a whole bunch lots of love, hugges

and kisses..

Your Mom..  xxx000

Happy 19 th Birthday,, Sweetie  / MOM   Read >>
Happy 19 th Birthday,, Sweetie  / MOM

Happy 19 th Birthday 

Sweetie Pie,

I only wish you were here to Enjoy your Special Day

we would have given you everything, Lot's of Presents

you would have your new Mustang by now and be driving around in it... You would have had a lot  of fun doing that. !!!

We all miss your Smile and laughter, and some of your friends

 really miss seeing you too. !!

Happy Birthday Baby,  ..

I know your having Fun in Heaven and having

a big party !!

Love Mom

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